15th December 2010

Lisa’s been accepted to participate in the Hollywood Immersive Program in January 2011 and she won’t be alone.

Popular sports hero, turned television personality Shane Crawford, has taken up the challenge of a lifetime - to learn to act from ‘the best’ and to help others in the process.

Hollywood Immersive, an acting program that is flourishing in both Melbourne and Los Angeles is run by Lilly Dawson, HI Program and Casting Director.

Lisa and Crawford will fly to Los Angeles in January to be part of the Immersive Acting Program where they will also mentor youth participants and a Scholarship recipient.

Lisa says: “I am so excited to be spreading my wings and heading to the States to learn from the best in the business. I’m thrilled that after a really rigorous auditioning process that I’ve been accepted into such a prestigious program.

To learn more about Hollywood Immersive

Watch this space for more news from Lisa live from Hollywood.


26th November 2010

Chrissie Leigh, Trish Aldag and Michelle Keirnan snapped as part of a new Campaign Medicare will launch in 2011 as part of the new government reforms, look out for them next time you are in Medicare!


22nd November 2010

Shooting a series of TV Commericals airing Australia wide starting December. Michelle is so excited all her hard work is finally paying off, she was quoted as saying "It takes years to be an overnight sucess" Great work Michelle and we look forward to seeing you on TV


15th November 2010

These 2 lucky ladies spent the week hiking and being photographed for PARKS NSW, this will be part of a major campaign lunched early in 2011, and is a 2 part photoshoot, so they will get to do it all again in APRIL 2011


8th November 2010

Watch out for Chrissie Leigh in Ford's latest TV Commercial for the sporty Focus Cars!


15th October 2010

Lisa Edwards, Aaron McCarthy, Tony D'Alberto Taren Clarke film a PILOT SHOW for NETWORK TV.

Joined by renowed Psychic SONITA SINGH and FOX FM's Mike Christian (better known as MC) we have IN THE HOUSE. Described as ORIGINAL & FUNNY and completely written and Produced by Lisa Edwards, make sure you get 'In The House' in 2011!


11th October 2010

Our Ramsay Street Detectives will be busy with Bag Thief Chris Teixeira in town! Watch as he steels bags and not hearts on Ramsay Street!


24th September 2010

Ramsay Street will have a new Detective keeping the street SAFE! Michael Walker has been cast as new Cast Member Scott McGregor's Partner!


16th September 2010

Next time you check your mail box, you might find Liesa Williams, snapped for Plant's Plus!

DONNA D'ARCY celebrates Christmas Early with COLES

14th September 2010

Donna was very excited to be cast in the 'Modern' Christmas Tv Commercials for Coles, she spent the day eating Crystal Bay Prawns and Lunching with Curtis Stone!!!

Donna's PROFILE - Coming Soon

Mark Caliguiri CAST in BEEF TV Commerical

9th September 2010

Look out for Mark's in this quirky new Beef Commercial, seems everyone wants the beef!

Alan Kiernan Features in Industry Super TV Commerical

26th August 2010

Alan is thrilled to be part of the Industry Super TV Commercials Again this Year

Look out for Alan in these Commercials

Industry Super Continues 'Compare the Pair' Tv Commericals

25th August 2010

Jean McConnell, Cristian Silver, Melissa Sach Feature in the latest Industry Super Ads.

Look out for them working hard in the Factory!

The Gorgeous Sally Anne cast as Stella's Picture double in RUSH

23rd August 2010

Yet again the sort after Sally Anne Moody shows her stuff as this time the picture double for Stella one of the Police Women in RUSH

Sam Kent, Liza Lorandos, Neha Asgar Featured in Coles 'DOWN DOWN' TVC

12th Aug 2010

Exciting News that 3 Visions Talent Featured in the New Coles TV Commericals

PETER BRIGHT Cast in Neighbours as RYAN CHEW!

28th July 2010

Peter commences filming 9th August in his Role as Ryan Chew. You will start to see Peter's name recurring in the Visions News as he has been for numerous auditions all of them have received incredible feedback and we expect he will be booked on various upcoming roles - SO WATCH THIS SPACE!

AARON MCCARTHY Cast in Neighbours as the Concierge!

27th July 2010

Commencing filming 9th August, we are very excited that all Aaron's hard work and determination are paying off!

BARRY STONES flys to UK for Killer Elite!

26th July 2010

FILMING IN THE UK - Barry Stones has been cast in US/UK Feature Film as The Sergeant!!!

His training both as an actor and as Former Soldier are what nailed this role for Barry!

He will be working along side Jason Statham and Clive Owen in this mega blockbuster.


14th July 2010

Sharbel cast as Bakhait's Guard (played by Firass Dirani) in Killer Elite. This Mega blockbuster stars Hollywood Heavy weights Jason Statham, Clive Owen and Robert De Niro. Sharbell who is a kick boxing Champion, wowed the Director with his knowledge of Various Martial Arts.


13th July 2010

The look they are all after - Adam Di Donato has a unique look - Heavy Metal Band Member, Homeless, Drug Addict, he has this time been cast as the ' Stoner friend' in Series 4 - Episode 75 of City Homicide.

Adam DiDonato is now of the above but his look reflects all those looks. With his head firmly screwed on he made a decision to grow a beard and his hair and the roles keep coming in!

Jayson McCarthy in Print for Fowles Auction Group

8th July 2010

A familiar site when driving west of Melbourne on the Princes Hwy - Look out for Jayson in Print and online!

COLES bring back the Fettuccinne MUM & DAUGHTER

7th July 2010

Lisa Edwards and Daughter Darcie are back on the Small Screen for Coles in a series of TV Commercials for Coles Home Brand also look out in store for Darcie's very cute Banners!


24th June 2010

One of smallest members Maverick Meade cast in Underbelly TeleMovie.

Applications for SMALL VISIONS please go to the Applications PAGE!


23rd June 2010

Graham Murray & Kym Ozalp both cast in UNDERBELLY but due to contractural agreements we can't tell you what they did until after this goes to air! But we know it will be great as all UNDERBELLY's are!!!

POLICE Recruitment TV Commerical Casts 4 of Visions Talent!

22nd June 2010

Watch out for the latest Victoria Police TV commercial, 4 Talent from Visions feature

they are - Adam Di Donato who plays a Homeless Man, Daniel Solomon & his Mum Belay cast as Mum with Lost son, and Rebecca Hunt cast as the Nightclub Girl

Barry Stones CONTRACTED for Killer Elite!

18th June 2010

Barry Stones has been cast in US/UK Feature Film as The Sergeant!!!

His training both as an actor and as Former Soldier are what nailed this role for Barry!

He will be working along side Jason Statham and Clive Owen in this mega blockbuster.

John Robertson cast as the Butcher for Coles in their Online campaign

18th June 2010

Keep your eyes glued to our site, we will post a link as soon as John's Campaign goes Live.

THE CUP Feature Film Books Hundreds of Extras from VISIONSMCP

15th June 2010

We are very excited to be working on Feature Film 'The Cup' we have had hundreds of extras booked and working extensive hours reinacting The 2002 Melbourne Cup!

Liesa Williams is 'Fresh & Healthy' at COLES

15th June 2010

Liesa is featured in the current 'Fresh & Heathly' TV Commercials for Coles

Toby Crocker is Jason Statham's Stand-in - KILLER ELITE!

9th June 2010

Toby was the lucky 'Dopelganger' for Jayson Statham and will stand in his shoes for the entire shoot in Melbourne

Hannah Johnson CAST in FOXTEL Series OFFSPRING!

7th June 2010

Hannah is Selling her house, well in Offspring she is! Good luck with the bidders, hope you get a good price!!

KILLING TIME, new Fremantle Media Series books Graham Murray as 'Bail Officer' and Dale Murley as 'Witness Protection Detective'

4th June 2010

They have the LOOK! Yes it seems all the Police Dramas are after these 2! Watch this space for more news soon, as here is the hot tip... they may just be in it!


31st May 2010

Yet 2 More Visions Talent Featured in the New Coles TV Commercial, make sure when you here the jingle... Down Down Prices are down you look out for them!

MORE 'NEIGHBOURS' Awa Ndiaye - Cast as the Server at the Corner Store

31st May 2010

A dream job for Awa, her favourite show, and yes she is in it! Keep an eye out for her, her first scenes are going to air over the next few weeks, Awa Congratulations on your Dream Come True, may your future dreams also come to fruition!

FOUR & TWENTY PIES cast Peter Young as a 'SCOTTISH TRADIE' in their new Series of TV COMMERCIALS - keep a look out for him, you won't miss his BIG RED BEARD!

26h May 2010

With his UNIQUE look Peter has been cast in the 4&20 TVC and ended up having the middle of his beard shaved off - but don't worry he is growing it back!!!

Shane McCluskey cast in 'NEIGHBOURS'

21st May 2010

Shazza as we like to call him, was cast in NEIGHBOURS as the Basketball Referee, it was the perfct job for Shane as he combined what he does outside of Acting with his Acting, Congratulations Shane!

Joshua Williams cast in 'NEIGHBOURS'

21st May 2010

Josh was cast in NEIGHBOURS as a GIANT COCKATOO, this should be a very funny scene once it goes to air in the next few months, and Josh we will try not to typecast you :-)

Thor Bloomfield cast in the 'LIBRARIANS'

18th May 2010

Look out for thor in this role - yes to be an Actor sometimes not everything is as it seems, Thor... now explain that one to your wife!

Toby Crocker cast as Stand In/Picture Double for Jason Statham in 'The Killer Elite'

15th May 2010

This is where it pays to have a dopelganger in life - Toby Crocker 'often' has been mistaken for Jason and finally the recognition he deserves - booked for the duration of filming on this HOLLYWOOD Blockbuster!

The Gorgeous Little Michael Mersha cast as 'Lombardi' in RUSH

11th May 2010

More work for one of up and coming Child Actors - Michael Mersha (4years) cast in RUSH as the Son of one of the Guest Cast, in the scene - when Police come to arrest his Dad, Michael has to cry, and pulled this off convincingly - Great Work Michael, lets hope there are many years to come!

Sally-Anne Moody cast as Stand In/Picture Double for Joelene Anderson in RUSH

10th May 2010

Sally-anne again is Joelene Anderson's stand in/ picture double in RUSH in this Season of RUSH, she is always in demand having been Katie Holmes stand in also in Don't Be Afraid of the Dark!

FIVE (5) VISIONS ACTORS cast in COLES 'MASTERCHEF' TV Commercial Sherrydayne Taela, Linda Schragger, Adele Thomas, Joshua Dean Williams, & Mark Calliguiri !!!

4th May 2010

Curtis Stone returned to Melbourne this week to film more TV commercials for Coles this time starring 5 of our Actors! All very excited to be working along side the 'Masterchef' himself.

Damian McInerney cast as 'Prison Guard' & Jayson McCarthy cast as 'Policeman' in ABC's Series 3 of THE LIBRARIANS

30th April 2010

Scheduled for release later this year, the boys are very excited to be working on this hilarious comedy series!

Linda, Denton & Bianca Schragger cast in City Homicide as the 'Supomo Family'

30th April 2010

Linda Cast as 'Gema Supomo' , Denton cast as 'Ben Supomo', and Bianca cast as 'Natalie Supomo' in Series 4, Episode 69 & 70 of City Homicide. Keep watching this space as we will let you know when you can watch him once the new series goes to Air later this year!

Yang Li cast in City Homicide as 'Liem Swie Wahid'

29th April 2010

Cast as 'Liem Swie Wahid' in Series 4, Episode 69 & 70 of City Homicide. Keep watching this space as we will let you know when you can watch him once the new series goes to Air later this year!

Melissa Genovesi cast in Feature Film 'Big Mammas Boy'

28th April 2010

Cast as Gorgeous Friend of Katie (Holly Vallace) in Feature Film 'Big Mammas Boy which stars Holly Vallance & George Kapiniaris. Film is currentlt in Production and hoping for 2011 Release in Cinemas.

Glenda Rowe & Keith Reynolds LEAD CAST in LIFESTYE VILLAGE TV Commercial

26th April 2010

Cast as a married couple Glenda & Keith were both very excited to be filming this New Commercial for Lifestyle Communities in Warragul Victoria.

Sherrydayne Taela & Alexander Schultze VOICE OVER for NEIGHBOURS

23rd April 2010

Variety is the spice of life - and Voice Over is just another one of the numerous jobs on offer here at VISIONS for TV Commercials and sometimes Series (VOICE DEMO's are essential)

Marcus Marcuson Cast as Parole Officer in Angry Boys

20th April 2010

We are very excited for Marcus for him to be playing this role in Chris Lilley's New Series for ABC & HBO(America)

Thor Bloomfield's Scores Regular Role on Neighbours as the BARMAN!

16th April 2010

Hard work and determination rewarded! After months of working on Neighbours, Thor Bloomfield's character - the Barman at Charlie's Bar was given Lines! Thor has been studying doing various Melbourne Acting Courses and it seems he finally gets his chance to shine! He also appears in

Peter Hellier's Feautre Film 'I Love You Too'

Andy McFeate & Joshua Williams cast as 'COPS' for RUSH

13th April 2010

It seems gun licences come in handy in the Film and TV Industry with these 2 Boys being cast as 'Police Officers' in a siege situation, where their gun expertise comes into use!

Craig Christie cast as Geoffery Rush's STAND IN / BODY DOUBLE for new Feature Film - 'The Eye of the Storm'

5th April 2010

Craig is very excited at being booked to be the double for Geoffrey, as he will have a busy few months commencing 19th April through to 20th June! 50hours a week, but we are sure he will have fun and learn alot!

Georgina Cahill to be on Billboards for Land Developer SALTWATER COAST!

26th March 2010

If you are in the Point Cook Victoria Area you will see our Georgie! She recently did a Photoshoot for Point Cook Land Developer - Saltwater Coast, she will be on ALL their Print / Web / Billboard Marketing!

Lisa Edwards & her Daughter Darcie cast in COLES TV Commercial with CURTIS STONE!!

24th March 2010

Lisa is thinking she is the luckiest woman alive after being cast to work beside Curtis Stone in the new Coles 'Feed Your Family' TV Commercials, filmed over 3 days, Lisa enjoyed every moment, and also got to work with her youngest child - Darcie

Renee De Bondt, Leanne Breen, Heather Jockell & Kathleen Elms all Featured in COLES TV Commercial with CURTIS STONE!!

23rd March 2010

Keep an eye out for all these lucky ladies featured in the Coles 'Feed Your Family' Series of TV Commercials

And if you can't get enough Curtis... there is a YOU TUBE LINK TO COMMERCIAL - COLES TVC

Linda Schragger Featured in ME BANK TV Commercial

17th March 2010

Linda was featured in the ME BANK TV Commercial check out her profile and contact Lisa@Visions 1300786300 for further bookings!

Costa Christofides Featured in Jenny Craig TV Commercial

12th March 2010

Costa was recently featured in the Jenny Craig - Dicko's Jen For Men TV Commercial keep an eye out for him!

Craig Millar cast in City Homicide

5th March 2010

Craig Millar was cast in City Homicide as a Prisoner, he needed to get his mean face on for this role, look out for him in the new series!

Tracey Chamberlain cast in MAZDA Corporate

1st March 2010

Tracey Chamberlain is on a roll, cast in Mazda Corporate and also Gold Buyers Photographic.

Voula Dendrinos Crowned Melbourne Queen of Cougars!

22nd February 2010

Prize catch: Miss Cougar Melbourne Voula Dendrinos. THE prey was on the prowl as

cubs stalked cougars at the crowning of the first Miss Cougar Melbourne on the weekend.

Taren McGowan cast in TV Commercial

28th January 2010

Taren and her 2 kids - Remy & Saffron were recently cast in TV Commercial








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