Small people... BIG VISIONS!

Is your Child the Next Big Star, many production companies call Visions MCP looking for not just adults, but kids! So Small VISIONS was born... Catering for Kids 3months to 15 years. Visions MCP will help your children reach their goals in the entertainment industry, with placement for Televisions Shows, Feature Films, Commercials, Music Videos and Some Print Work.

All your child needs is a great attitude and an eagerness to learn about the entertainment industry.


What does it take to become an EXTRA?

A great attitude and eagerness to learn, since there is no speaking involved—No Classes are needed. You would need a great picture of your child, like a current snapshot (please remember these are your marketing tools so must look professional) If you wish to have professional images taken we can refer you to many reasonably priced photographers.

Do I Need a Permit for my child to work?

YES! Each and every time your child works you will need to supply a CHILD EMPLOY-MENT PERMIT—

Mandatory Codes for Children in the Entertainment Industry

What if my Child wants to be an ACTOR?

Small Visions is not just an Extras/Talent Agency it is also a Management Company. You and your child are about to embark on an exciting new adventure. We will educate and advise you of your child’s career and help them on their path to success as a new young actor.

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